Adult Individual Therapy

We might be a good fit if you identify with one or more of these statements:

You are tired of holding back, striving to be inoffensive, and keeping important parts of yourself hidden

You feel resentful of others' demands on you and uninspired by life

You feel like your emotions are out of your control and spend a lot of time managing them

You have a sad history that you just can't seem to move on from

You long to be free to act and express yourself without self-criticism or fear of rejection

As your therapist I would be honored to work with you to:

Discover your authentic self- your goals, needs, and what brings you joy 

Learn how to assert yourself at work and in relationships

Understand and manage intense emotions, mood swings and "brain fog"

Recover from abusive relationships

Process traumatic memories and experiences

Explore gender, sexuality, and racial identity

Increase spontaneity, creativity and sense of ease in the world

Find supportive community and resources for the health of the whole self

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