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Individual Therapy


I believe in the importance of being aware of the present moment, of the constant flow of our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. Those self-critical thoughts that pop up after a conversation with your mother, that rage you feel when someone makes a bigoted remark, that sinking sensation in your gut when you realize it's time to head to work- this is all information about you. So is the sigh of relief when you speak your mind, the surge of confidence when your contributions are recognized, the warm glow of belonging among your peers. 

I'll help you track your experience during the course of therapy so that this awareness becomes second nature. In observing your reactions to the world around you, you will re-discover your core self, clarify values and beliefs, and dare to take action and make an impact in a manner unique to you. In this process I will be your biggest fan (who cares enough about you to also point out beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you). 


When your experience is chaotic or overwhelming, we will implement skills that allow you to settle at a tolerable level of emotion. When your emotions feel faint and difficult to contact, we will use techniques that increase their impact and immediacy. Along the way, we will discuss what current research tells us about how your brain processes experience and how you can work with it rather than against it.

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